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As advisors for addiction treatment affiliated with Maplewood Drug Rehab Centers, we offer a service to those caught in the midst of severe drug and alcohol addiction. The services that we provide at absolutely free to those who call us for help and guidance.We match struggling addicts with a top-of-the-line drug and alcohol rehab existing within our nationwide network. With the free-of-charge services that we provide, we may receive compensation from our advertised featured and sponsored listings of the rehab centers in our network.

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About Maplewood, New Jersey

Maplewood is a suburban township of Essex County, New Jersey with an estimated population of almost 25,000 residents according to a 2016 consensus. Located approximately 20 miles west of lower Manhattan, one can commute to New York with just a 45-minute drive through New Jersey’s Holland Tunnel.

It’s a likely possibility that those that reside in Maplewood do so after having followed the typical migration pattern of moving from major New York City areas. This typical migration usually involves a move from Manhattan to Brooklyn and then eventually to Maplewood, New Jersey.

Despite these residents viewing Maplewood, New Jersey as an extension of the hip, cultured, community-involved lifestyle that they had grown accustomed during their time residing in New York.

Because Maplewood properties tend to be much less expensive than that of New York properties, and the tight-knit community of Maplewood due to the houses being built so close together, Maplewood is ideal for those that want the best of both worlds. 

Maplewood has a community of talented artists, actors, dancers, comedians, etc. that aid in the familiarity of the culture of New York City.  Many like-minded transplants have come to Maplewood from various New York City enclaves. They typically do this because they seek to reside within a city that harmonizes a low-key, quiet suburban-like lifestyle with a more diverse with a hip, cultured, and sophisticated lifestyle.

Given the city’s prevalent art and music scene, high-end restaurants, and shopping centers, it’s no wonder why residents that carry a deep appreciation for the arts gravitate to Maplewood’s bustling downtown area. 

Maplewood is often referred to as being the “Suburban Version of Brooklyn,” with its beautiful parks, rolling hills, and colonial houses that cater to the typical suburban-like vibe. In addition to this, there are many biannual art walks, art festivals, and artistic community centers that reflect upon the artistic nature that encompasses the city of Maplewood.

What is Addiction and How Can Maplewood Drug Rehab Centers Help?

For addicts with a severe addiction, abusing drugs can become more important than any other significant priority in their lives. The compulsive and obsessive urge to get and use the addictive substance can consume every moment, thought, and action in a person's life.

Addiction can easily replace all the things the individual used to enjoy, and even hinder their ability to enjoy all of the beautiful wonders that this world has to offer. Some people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol may do just about anything, like lying, stealing, or cheating to obtain the addictive substance.

Addiction is a long-lasting brain disorder that causes one to be incapable of abstaining from using addictive substances or engaging in addictive behaviors. They significantly alter the way that the brain functions that can potentially last for a long time. Causing problems like memory loss, paranoia, trouble with making decisions, abrupt mood swings, etc.

Addiction is an illness, just like that of a heart or cancerous disease. It can either enter into a state of remission (lessens) or progression (gets worse), similar to that of the diseases mentioned prior. If the disease progresses into to a more severe level, this may cause for a plethora of consequences to occur.

The only way to avoid the suffering of the consequences, you must seek professional addiction treatment at a legitimate rehab center. With the many high-quality rehab centers in our nationwide network to choose from, we can pair you with one to help you maintain sobriety and move towards the ultimate goal of living the happy, fulfilled life that you’ve always wanted.  

We can pair you with a drug rehab in Maplewood, a rehab within the surrounding area, or somewhere in an entirely different state. With the many resources that we have available to help locate the right rehab center to suit your needs, you can feel rest assured that you’ve made the right choice in calling us for help.

Don’t let addiction consume your every thought and actions. You can make positive changes to improve yourself in all aspects. All you have to do is make the choice in calling Maplewood Drug Rehab Centers today at (877) 804-1531.

Upcoming Maplewood AA & NA Meetings:

Meeting Day & Time Location
AA Montclair Sunday Night Group Sun, 6:30 PM Central Presbyterian Church 46 Park Street, Montclair, NJ 07042
NA New Hope Wed, 12:30 PM Better Way Group Topic, Discussion/Participation 111 Sussex Avenue, Newark, NJ 07103
AA Tuesday Night Group Tue, 9:00 PM 1st Presbyterian Church North Union St, Chestnut, NJ 07083
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